Iktsuarpok means “to go outside and check to see if anyone’s coming”.  If you don’t want to join the awesome party, why not at least pop your head round the RECS door.  We have cake.

Hello!  I’m a PhD Psychology student at Leeds Metropolitan University who is interested in attempting to consider how we might begin to investigate language behaviours in humans from a Radical Embodied Cognitive Science Perspective (RECS) and probe linguistic information’s place on the spectrum of resources in the service of human behaviour.

This will attempt to characterise language perception and competence without recourse to traditional models of representation and computation, using a theoretical approach which is gaining traction in many other areas in Psychology.

My aim is to talk about the research I will be engaging in, as well as considering the thorny issues that face the approach as it takes its first steps into the cut-throat world of linguistics.

Agnes Henson

E-mail: a.henson7772@student.leedsmet.ac.uk


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